Odyssey Organics, the name itself state an exciting journey in the field of Chemical Industry. Odyssey Organics, founded in 1980 by Mr. D. V. APTE. And through continued research and development, Odyssey Organics is successfully manufacturing chemicals for which the Indian industry was depending on other nations. Odyssey Organics achieved the "CRISIL AA+” ratings for financial positions & award for the "Technology & Business Creation”.

Global Reach

The company has a strong pan-India presence. It serves its customers in Europe, Japan, Korea, Middle-East and also caters to the North American market.


“CUSTOMER COMES BACK & NOT PRODUCT” is our motto & it reflects through our performance of the last 25 years.

Odyssey Organics constantly pursues new innovations and technologies which helps to keep one step ahead of the competition and a step closer to customer expectations.

Odyssey Organics has a modern, well–equipped and in-house R&D Lab for testing, new Product Development; and for constant improvement in the existing product lines.

Odyssey Organics have in-depth expertise and robust experience in the chemical industry, which helps to maintain the superior quality of products.


We desire to serve

We earnestly care about our clients, our colleagues and everyone touched by the product quality & service we provide.

We embody flexibility for availability

That means we put the needs of our clients first, but also understand our employees’ work-life balance.

We exemplify low ego

We know that a job is well done – a job that makes our clients look great – is more important than awards and accolades.

We strive for continuous improvement

Our clients' competitors evolve, and so must our clients' systems. We relentlessly work to improve our skills so that we can keep our clients ahead of their organizational challenges.

We are growth-oriented

We hire great people and invest them to expand their skill sets. That’s how we’ve been able to grow. We happily give great people the chance to grow with us.

We work hard

At the end of the day, we want to go home proud, not rested.

Manufacturing Unit

Odyssey has its manufacturing unit in one of the most important chemical zones of Western India. – “Mahad Industrial Area”, Raigad District, Maharashtra state.

A manufacturing unit of Odyssey Organics spread across 32,374 square meters, with a dedicated plant for each product & Effluent Treatment.