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Odyssey Organics is a leading manufacturer and supplier of specialty chemicals and intermediates, supplying the highest quality products to the global market. Odyssey Organics is one of the important organization in Indian chemical industry by its product range.

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Company Growth

Odyssey Organics, shows remarkable growth of the decade. There is significant growth in sales from the year 2012. Increase in sales is on account of increase in the volume across various business segments.

Company revenues increased by 25% in financial year 2018. This phenomenal growth of odyssey organics is the result of the increase in export business as well as local market reach.

Chemical Products

The Chemicals segment of Odyssey Organics possesses of specialty chemicals and intermediates, which is used in dyes and steel industries. The main success factors for this segment are operational and technological excellence, scale effects, integration, production quality.

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Corporate Social Responsibility
Renovate Parishad Girls School

Odyssey Organics helps in the renovation of Parishad Girls School building in Birwadi Village, Raigad District & motivates students to upgrade their knowledge and skills through education.


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